5 years of marriage has worn well on these two – like the comfiest sweater you own that is all cozy and warm and wonderful but still manages to make you look darn good. We just went for casual and relaxed with this session and of course it doesn’t hurt that these two are some of my favorite people ever but I’d say we succeeded. Here’s to 85 more wonderful comfy sweater years you two.

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I’m one of those rare people that just isn’t much for beaches and oceans, but Oregon makes all that flat sand and flat water much more enticing by surrounding it with the most astonishing landscapes and wonderful rock formations. Ecola State Park was full of the most amazing trees and fog and moss I’d ever seen – every turn of the road was just visually overwhelming – so deep and dark and misty and moody and WOW. We got to experience just about every weather situation possible all in one day, which made for lovely pictures!

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