Josh and Heather | Wedding

Sigh – where have my writing skills gone…it’s like starting a letter (or an email for those who don’t know what a letter is) I wish that I could finagle brides into writing about their wedding day for me – that would be so much more fun!

Alas, I must write about these two given that they are near and dear to my heart as fellow Carlsons AND because now I kind of have an almost sister. In law at least!

To say that July 24, 2010 was hot and humid would be a gross understatement. It was equator humid and death valley hot, mixed in with some Chicago-style wind and a giant black cloud that looked like it drifted over from Mordor. Honestly though with a thunderstorm loving groom and the most laid back and awesome bride ever it didn’t matter one bit! Seeing the forecast for Saturday, we decided that an after session at a later (and cooler) date would be our best bet to capture the all-important couple shots, so with only a few minutes and some blazing sunshine on a white white parkinglot, we went to town with bridal party pictures and just a few of the two of them looking not at all like it was 200 degrees.

It was fun to shoot another wedding at our own church, Bethany Baptist and I loved the look of the dark sky out the huge window behind the alter. A poignant rumble of thunder even added something special to the ceremony.

More pictures of these two coming soon!

sherry1u - August 11, 2010 - 2:26 am

Simply gorgeousness! LOVE the shot of them leaving the church, with all the guests blowing bubbles :)