Facebook vs The Blog

With the not-so-recent advent of Facebook (I can’t believe I was first “talked into” getting it 5 years ago!) there has also been the invention of the Facebook page. What I love about this versus posting on the blog is how EASY it is for me to upload images. Sure, the format leave something to be desire in the aesthetic department, but sometimes ease of use takes the cake over pretties. This is not at all to say that the blog is dead, I still blog *almost* everything that I put on facebook, but usually it ends up there several days before it gets posted here.

All that to say, if you want to see pictures a bit sooner than they are added here, I’m fairly sure clicking the little picture below will allow you to “like” our page.

Off to another summer of 2010 weatherful wedding! Today’s weather woe – humidity.

Since May 21 there have only been two weddings where it hasn’t either been insanely hot, humid, raining, tornado-ing, wind-ing or a mixture of all of the above. Anyone who’s gotten married this year has been a trooper to say the least!

Deidre Lynn Photography

peoria wedding photographer vintage sola wood flower bouquet